“What Dr. Magilen has done for me is nothing short of a miracle. I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 14 years and although I was able to function, I had to give up my teaching position three years ago at a university because I could no longer hear my students. I cannot help but thank Dr. Magilen for helping me get my life and my ability to teach back.”

~ Maria Victoria Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA

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Welcome to Walnut Creek Hearing Center

Here at the Walnut Creek Hearing Aid Center we take a new approach to hearing technology, ensuring each one of our clients receive the best care possible. As a UC Berkeley-trained biophysicist and neuroscientist, Dr. Gil Magilen has been developing hearing aid fitting methods and making a case for advanced training in the hearing-aid provider community for over 35 years. Together with his daughter, Debra Zupo, he is working to bring Hearing Engineering to the world.

Dr. Gil Magilen and Debra Zupo

Dr. Gil developed and patented real-ear hearing measurement instrumentation and methods that create objective, scientifically verifiable solutions for people with hearing impairments to assure optimal performance from their hearing aids.

His methods require the detailed management of sound for each individual ear and neurological ability. He tells consumers, "If you can't hear whispers and loud sounds comfortably and naturally, you may have been misfit."

Properly correcting hearing impairment is a challenging and difficult task. This website contains resources to help clients understand their hearing impairment and evaluate the effectiveness of the hearing aids they buy.

Providing just enough comfortable amplification to get a person to become "deceptively satisfied" and buy hearing aids is easy, even if they are not receiving their proper correction. The problem for many clients is that they don't know what a proper correction sounds like, so they don't know what to realistically expect. This results in wasting money, buying hearing aids, and accepting benefits, significantly below their hearing potential.

Over 1 million people buy hearing aids and don't use them.

We don't want you to be one of them! At Walnut Creek Hearing Center, we are here for you.

Meet the Hearing Engineers!
"Bring us your most challenging situtation;
we'll make magic happen!"

The Importance of Hearing Engineering

Through the course of exploring this website, you will learn about the distinction between Hearing Engineering™ vs. standard hearing correction. Hearing Engineering is unique, and requires unparalleled technical knowledge, instrumentation, methods, and a Professional Sound Studio.

Learn more about what we do via the intro video below:

Walnut Creek Hearing - Short Video Intro Preview

Giving the Gift of Hearing

Dr. Gil Magilen recently worked with the HearStrong Foundation to fit a young woman with a pair of hearing aids that changed her life. HearStrong is a non-profit organization with a mission to change the face of hearing loss. Part of its efforts include working with hearing care professionals to get people in need feed with hearing aids.

Lili Nguyen is a young woman who has overcome many challenges in her life including both hearing and vision loss. Her parents are from Vietnam and have worked hard to provide Lili with what she needs; however, like many families, they have experienced difficulty affording advanced technology.

"It was thrilling to see Lili, someone with a profound hearing loss, hear and understand whispers, hear her own voice for the first time, and understand the lead singer in her favorite band without reading the lyrics," said Dr. Magilen. Lili felt the same way.

"It’s weird," she said when she was first able to hear her own voice. "I was never able to hear myself, so I didn’t know what I sounded like. I would always ask my friends things like, ‘Is my voice deep?’ Because I could never tell."

Lili’s story is inspiring for all. Walnut Creek was proud to work with HearStrong to make this possible.

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