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Individuals with hearing impairment have more than a mere loss of sound. This paper will discuss the nuances of human understanding and the aspects involved.

FDA Oversight of Hearing-Aid Technology Should Be Strengthened Not Weakened

View the innovative patent held by Dr. Gil Magilen about a unique system to test hearing loss and hearing aid fittings. 

Dr. Gil Magilen explains the best way to maximize sound quality and audibility with hearing aids, so patients receive great results.

Read Dr. Migilen’s strongly held and thoughtful views on the hearing healthcare industry and hearing aids.

Dr. Gil Magilen explains the basis of hearing aid wearer’s dissatisfaction of their technology and what to do about it.

The Guided Selection Method is to optimize the individual’s quality of hearing, and to provide a natural hearing experience with optimal understanding. 

The Hearing System Specialist is a knowledgeable, responsible guide, who helps the patient select the best amplification to optimally fulfill their needs. 

Dr. Gil takes an in-depth look at the hearing aid industry during the early 1990’s and where it needed to improve. 

Bottom line conclusions from our publications

Current generation hearing aids are capable of dramatically increasing a hearing impaired individual’s ability to understand speech under a wide range of listening conditions, but only if they are properly programmed. (See: Missing Link (2005) publication)

Practitioners need to be trained in the skills and knowledge required to achieve optimum hearing benefit from today’s state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. (See: Proposal to the FDA (2004)

Be cautious and informed prior to purchasing hearing aids. The best way to verify the benefit hearing aids provide is to take them off in each of your listening situations. How do you perform compared to the normal hearing people around you? (See: Dr. Gil’s Whisper Test Dr. Gil’s Hearing in Noise Test)

The marketing of hearing aids appeals to cosmetics, price and the illusion that newer means better. The newer hearing aids provided with the standard “hearing loss” prescriptions do not improve speech intelligibility in noise better than older technology. (See: Missing Link (2005) publication)

Detailed programming (fitting) of hearing aids is extremely important to achieve optimal benefit. Small changes in the presentation of sound have dramatic effects on speech intelligibility and the ability to separate speech from noise. (See: Effect of Small Changes of Acoustic Energy on Real World Performance with Hearing Aids)

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