The Journey to Optimal Hearing

The Hearing Test
Free and Unique

Traditional audiologic hearing tests were developed to discover medical complications. Our hearing tests (while including the conventional audiometric tests) are designed to discover what you hear, and how you experience sound and speech. We look for anything that might affect your ability to experience the full spectrum of sound, speech, music or complications from noise.

Dr. gil with patient

If you currently wear hearing aids, we perform objective tests to measure how well those hearing aids are able to deliver appropriate sound for your hearing impairment. We show you where those hearing aids are lacking and offer a "Demo" to demonstrate the improvements by using our Hearing Engineered hearing aids.

From those diagnostic hearing tests, we determine the requirements for a hearing aid to deliver the sound you will need.
The "Demo" Session
Informative and Beyond Your Expectations

Based on your hearing test results, we select hearing aids that will optimally address your hearing impairment and needs. In our Professional Sound Studio we create customized prescriptions using our unique patented methods and instrumentation.

Choosing the right hearing aid

Typically, three Custom Sound Programs are created:

The first program is designed to get you to hear everything, as close to the experience of a normal-hearing individual as technically possible, while still retaining a completely natural quality of sound. A second program is designed to get you to hear speech as clearly as possible. A third program is designed for comfort and clarity in extremely noisy environments.

During the setting of each program, the Hearing Engineer performs a series of diagnostic tests to determine your ability to understand speech that is fast, whispered, shouted, or of different sound-pitch qualities. We will determine how your speech understanding is affected by noise, reverberation, and distance in several real and simulated-environment conditions.

You will hear whispers again and you will hear a speaker’s voice separate from the other noises. You will be given the option to take those hearing aids home to validate their effectiveness in your life's situations.
The Trial Plan
100% satisfied or 100% refunded

California has a 45-day trial period. We offer an extendable trial plan for as long as you need.

Service at Walnut Creek Hearing Aid Center is thorough. Trial visits are important. We tell you to expect to hear as well as any normal-hearing individual in all situations. During these visits, the Hearing Engineer will learn about your immediate successes and any problems you may have had with the hearing aid settings, ear-pieces, and real-world listening situations.

Rarely do clients require significant adjustment. However, some discover they would like customized T-Loop programs, enhanced musical quality, Bluetooth connectivity to TVs, microphones, iPhones, whatever. We're happy to create these and other special-needs programs.

Hearing aid adjustment

Trial appointments continue until you no longer have a reason to return for additional modification or instruction. At that point, you will be instructed as to when to return for your future checkups, hearing tests and re-tuning sessions to keep you hearing your best.

The Life-of-the-Aid Service Plan

Included to make it free and easy to return for testing and services

Clean, Check & Repair Appointment

We will:

  • Examine your ear canal.
  • Clean the earpiece and replace the tubing, filter and hook as needed.
  • Check the integrity of the hearing aid's digital, electrical and acoustical performance with the same quality control instrument used at the factory.
  • Do minor repairs as necessary.
  • Check and clean the microphones, receiver and battery contacts.
  • Discuss how you are doing compared to your last visit.
  • Schedule you for a hearing test or appointment to adjust the programming in your hearing aid as needed.

Make Your Appointment

Make your appointment

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